Friday, January 28, 2011

Lunch (not courtesy of IKEA)

Some days, leftovers comprise my lunch. Others, not so much. It may look like this:

Which I'm perfectly happy with:

A. It's food. I am blessed in many ways, one being that I can supply my body with nourishing nibblets (not a word, but I deem it fitting).

B. Being that my desk resides in the kitchen area at work, I eat constantly thoughout the day. Little bits of here and there food work much better for this. No heating and re-heating in a tupperware. Just snacking as I please.

C. It means the Mr. gets more leftovers, which is perfect because I lucked out with a man who loves his Tupperware containers filled with the previous day's eats.

Whoa, now how did that get there? So weird. So GOOD. Sorry, bad influence. Now you should pay attention to my accidental suggestion and go make some of that biz.

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